July 23, 2014

Why motorbikes are better than cars

The world is full of obsessive motorists who spend hour after hour, and pound after pound, on their four-wheeled obsession. Countless mini-Clarksons out there think cars, from the E-type to the Land Rover to the Subaru Impreza, are the pinnacle of man’s achievements. But they are sadly mistaken, because motorcycles are better.

Obviously there’s less scope to carry your shopping home on the back of your bike, let alone head off on holiday with the family, but for countless reasons, cars are left in the shade by their two-wheeled cousins. Here are some of the major reasons.


There are some amazing cars to drive out there, and a handful of them don’t cost the same as a house. The Mazda MX-5 and Subaru Impreza are high-class machines for average Joes but for the same price as a second-hand model you can get a superbike like the incredible Suzuki Hayabusa. New, high-quality bikes can cost £5,000 or less, and a classic Harley will set you back less a new Renault Twingo. Getting specially designed insurance like Bikesure bike insurance means you can continue enjoying two-wheeled motoring for less.


The very act of riding a motorcycle means it is a better motoring experience. Even the best driving machines are essentially boxes that keep you from the open road. This is not the case on a motorbike, where it’s just you, your leathers and the incredible feat of engineering beneath you. Fresh air vs air conditioning? On a great driving road, in the sun, there is no contest whatsoever.


On the open road, motorcyclists can open up the throttle and really enjoy life while in traffic, they don’t have to put up with its miseries either. Motorbikes are great for weaving through stationary traffic while drivers slowly lose their minds and the advantages don’t end there. As they take up much less room, a garage can comfortably house three or four bikes, which can still all cost less than a Ford Mondeo.


While motorists pull their hair out as fuel prices climb over £1.35 per gallon, motorcyclists chalk another one up in the win column. The thirstier bikes out there get about 30 mpg, which is about the same as a Toyota Yaris. The best performers can get over 100mpg, which means they perform better than the eco friendly Toyota Prius.

Hobby Potential

There are plenty of mechanically-minded car enthusiasts who love nothing more than to slide underneath the object of their desire and tweak its parts, but the accessibility of the machinery and lack of body to mess up means bikers have far more scope for playing with their machines or even rebuilding them from scratch. Bikers don’t just have the opportunity to spend more time with their bikes; there is a strong community around motorbikes, which makes them a brilliant way to meet like-minded people and travel to different parts of the country or even further afield.

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