August 20, 2014

Key points to consider when taking out restaurant insurance

It is very important when running a restaurant; or any business for that matter, that you look into all of the possible complications and loopholes in your training systems and health and safety measures for your members of staff. For example, there are a lot of things that can go very wrong in a restaurant, such as scalding, burning, slipping, cutting or even death. These are things which you always try your best to avoid, but sometimes the worst happens and there is nothing you can do about it. In case these things do happen, you should always have looked into and purchased the right insurance policies to protect you from having to pay for any compensation or damages yourself. For example, if you had absolutely no restaurant insurance and someone was to slip over and break an arm, leaving them unable to work for three months then someone would have to pay for this, and it would be you. The compensation would have to come directly from your pocket, meaning that you may even have to close down your business. With some simple insurance policies, this can be very easily avoided and the insurance company would pay for the compensation instead, leaving you to carry on running your restaurant.

There are several different types of restaurant insurance that you should look into; these include public liability insurance, employers liability insurance, stock in transit insurance and potential loss of earnings insurance. These are the things that you need to look into before even opening a restaurant as they can happen from the very beginning. For example, if a member of the public gets injured inside the service area of your restaurant at no fault of their own, if some food gets dropped on them perhaps, then it would go through the insurance company to get the compensation paid out, and not from your pocket. The same thing applies to if an accident should happen to a member of your staff; the employers liability insurance will pay out the compensation and damages instead of you doing it yourself, which will allow you to keep running your business problem free.

The other types of insurance are a little bit different as they do not cover accidents happening to people, but accidents happening to possessions instead. Stock in transit insurance for example, covers and loss of earnings or business that may have risen from stock not getting to you on time, because of a crash or something like that, which would mean you could not open your restaurant and earn money, the insurance would pay for your loss of earnings. Also, with the loss of earning insurance, they would pay out to you in case of anything that would stop you from opening; such as a flood or a fire, or any activity that had been done by vandals which stops your business from running. This loss of earnings would be paid for by the insurance company. has a great online comparison facility and is worth a visit.

Happy insurance hunting!

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