August 22, 2014

Complete Guide For Buying Taxi Insurance

There are literally thousand articles about taxi insurance. What makes this article special? Well in this article we have cut all the bull crap and are dealing straight with the topic.

What is taxi insurance?

It is like any other vehicle insurance policy, however there are some changes made so that it provides maximum coverage to the taxi owners. The term taxi insurance includes various other policies apart from vehicle insurance. However the client can choose which policies they require and which they do not need. The most compulsory policies are the accident and damage policy. This policy provides the needed financial coverage if the vehicle is damaged due to accident. The other compulsory policy is the third party liability policy. This policy provides coverage to the owner if the vehicle is involved in damaging the property or life of third person. These are a must policy for any taxi owners to conduct their business legally.

Are there different types of taxi insurance?

There are different types of policy based on its functionalities. The important types of policy are the private hire insurance policies and the public hire insurance policies. These policies are made to cover the risks involved by different type of cabs. Private hire policy covers the cabs which pick up customers who have pre-booked the cab. These cabs have less risk compared to the public hire cabs. Therefore it is important that the proper policy is purchased by the cab owners. The other different types of policies are the fleet insurance policy. This is a single policy which covers multiple vehicles owned by a single owner or an organization. This is single policy making it easy for the owners. The other type of policy which is making the headlines is the comprehensive policy. As the name indicates this policy provides all the required coverage.

Is online taxi insurance the best choice?

The best place to get taxi insurance is the internet. There is literally hundred of website which deals with taxi insurance. These websites provides complete information about any policy. Taxi owners can log on to these sites and read about various terms and conditions governing the policies. Furthermore these sites also provide a program where you can compare various policies from different providers. This allows you to understand the pros and cons of various taxi insurance policies. Some websites also provide certain discounts and offers if the policy is purchased online.

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