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What are the Cover Options?

Third Party – Third party insurance providers minimal protection for your vehicle but does allow you to drive legally. If you can afford to get a higher level of cover then it could be desireable.

Comprehensive – Comprehensive insurance will provide the highest level protection for your vehicle when it’s involved in a collision.

Fire & Theft – As the name suggests, this type of cover will protect your vehicle for theft and damage caused by fire.

Personal Injury – Driving a car on Norther Ireland roads does not come without risks. By having personal injury covered in your policy you know that if you were to be injured as a result of an accident, you would be compensated.

How to Save Money?

Pay Upfront – Insurance providers always prefer it when you can pay as much upfront as possible. If you can afford to pay for the policy upfront rather than on a monthly basis then you should be able to make a significant saving on the overall cost.

Make Your Car Secure – This is very important. Making your car secure will greatly reduce the chance of theft and therefore the insurance provider can offer you a better price for your policy.

Get Multiple Quotes – This is one of the most reliable ways to save money on Car insurance. Getting multiple quotes enables you to compare them and see which insurance provider in Northern Ireland offers you the cheapest deal.

What Factors Determine Cost?

Age and Value of Vehicle(s) – The age and value of the vehicle you’re using will certainly impact the cost of the policy. For this reason it’s a good idea to drive a car that’s modestly priced, not too old and is reliable.

Age and Driver – This is another important factor that will affect the cost of a policy.

As a young and teenage driver in Northern Ireland, if you are aged between 17 and 24, finding cheap car insurance can be frustrating due to high premiums, the risks and lack of experience involved with new drivers.

Insurers add premiums to your insurance if you’ve got convictions on your licence, and because of this, it can be difficult to find a cheap deal on your insurance. We’re here to help! We work with a panel of specialist brokers who can also offer for convicted drivers living in Northern Ireland.

Level of Cover – The number of options you have included in the policy will also impact its price.

Why should I use SiteCritique.NET Insurance Comparison Service?

There are many great benefits of using an insurance comparison service, such as get multiple quotes for your car insurance. Some of these include –

a. Save Time
b. Hopefully Save Money
c. Get The Cover You Want
d. Compare Quotes Easily
e. Get Covered Instantly

Are there any charges for using the SiteCritique.NET service?

We charge direct advertising fees, lead charges or sales commission to the aggregators, insurance brokers and companies who are partner with us. We make no charge to you or the user.

Does using the SiteCritique.NET service make my insurance policy more expensive?

NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. The price quoted via SiteCritique.NET is exactly the same as you will get if you go direct to the insurer. Comparison websites such as ours earn their revenue from sales commission which the insurance provider has traditionally paid to high street brokers. The high street is shifting online and that’s good for insurance shoppers.

I am a Teenage Driver or Young Driver or a Convicted Driver, can you still help me compare quotes?

Yes. At SiteCritique.NET we believe we have a fairly broad comparison of the Northern Ireland insurance market so most circumstances should be catered for.

Why should I use SiteCritique.NET rather than going direct to an insurer?

You will save time and hopefully you will save money too. Lets face it, we all dislike the annual hunt for cheaper car insurance when the renewal letter arrives. Traditionally people had to spend all day on the phone to brokers repeating their details over and over again, trying to get that elusive cheaper quote. The internet has helped somewhat by allowing you to get those quotes online at a time of your choosing, however you still have the boring repetition of filling out quote forms.

Now SiteCritique.NET has arrived you fill out your details only once and sit back and watch as powerful comparison technology compares prices for you, returning your quotes in almost real time and in price order, all from the comfort of your own home.

You can then compare the policy features of your best quotes and buy online or over the phone.

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