July 31, 2014

Key Considerations When Finding Suitable Van Insurance

If you’ve recently purchased a van or you’re trying to find a better deal on your van insurance, there are many things to consider if you want to get the right level of cover for the best possible price. Without further ado, here are some key considerations when looking for van insurance.

Business cover

The level of insurance you need will vary depending on how you intend to use your van. If you wish to use your vehicle for business purposes, you will need to get business cover. If you need to make a claim and you’ve not got the proper cover, your policy will be invalid. It’s therefore highly important that you tell insurers exactly how to use your vehicle.


If you do intend to use your vehicle for business purposes, getting an insurance policy that will provide you with a replacement vehicle or offer quick repairs will ensure that your work is not interrupted by any sort of misfortune.

Changes to the law

With recent changes to the law that force insurers to treat both genders as equal, prices are now the same for everyone. Traditionally, men have been charged more than women. However, prices for men have dropped slightly due to this legislation, meaning you should definitely check how much a new policy will cost.

If your renewal is still a few months away, it may be worth cancelling early (bear in mind you may have to pay leaving fees and this could impact on your No Claim Discount).


For those of you who rely on using expensive equipment for work purposes, you’ll no doubt want the contents of your vehicle to be covered. Thieves target business vehicles for the goods they know are stored in the vehicle. Not having adequate insurance could therefore leave you completely unprotected and liable to cover the losses yourself.

Payment methods

In order to get the best possible price on your van insurance, be sure that you pay the cost in full. Monthly insurance payments are deceivingly expensive, as insurers lend you the full cost and make you repay the interest on a monthly basis, costing you significantly more than had you paid outright. As with all contracts, read the small print before accepting any offer.

Hunt around

Finding the right insurance is all about finding the appropriate level of cover, for the right price. In order to find cheap van insurance you need to do some thorough hunting and research. Pick up the phone to insurance companies to discuss the best deals available. This way you can compare insurance policies on a like-for-like basis and ensure you get a policy that suits you.

Cheaper Van Insurance

Are you wondering how you can get cheap van insurance? Most people think that the amount you pay for the insurance is only dependent on the particular type of van you insure. However, the amount you pay for your insurance is dependent on many factors that are analysed by the agents. Knowing these factors is important because you will fix them in such a way that you largely reduce the amount you are meant to pay.

The first and the most important aspect to insurance companies is the type of van you drive. The costlier the van, the higher the limit you are meant to pay. Having a costly van however, should not necessarily subject you to paying a costly insurance amount. Apart from the van model, insurance agents will also analyse its safety in regards to driving and theft. The safer the van, the cheaper you will pay for the insurance.

To take advantage of the minimal insurance payments, park your van in safe neighbourhoods. Parking around areas that are prone to theft will only increase the insurance amount. If you live in such a neighbourhood then you ought to park your van someplace else every night.

Insurance companies also largely consider your driving. The cleaner your driving records, the cheaper the amount you will pay. In addition to that, they also monitor the mileage you travel on a daily basis. The higher the annual mileage the higher your chances of ending up in an accident and therefore the higher the amount you will pay. Therefore, it is advisable that you find ways that you can minimise your average annual mileage if you want to insure your van or get cheap car insurance.

Finally, avoid looking for new insurance companies for your vans. The more different insurance companies you use for your belongings, the more the you end up paying. It is advisable to use the same company to insure your van along with any other belongings that you may want to insure. The more the items you insure under one company the more the discount you could be given.

Compare van insurance: Tips and tricks to bear in mind

Nowadays it’s pretty much a given that we compare different insurance companies before we pay our yearly premiums, and so it is common practice to compare van insurance. There are, however, some tips and tricks that you can do to make sure that when you compare van insurance you will be pleasantly surprised.

First of all, try not to make claims for every little thing that happens to your van unless it is really necessary. Every time you make a claim, your premium for next year will go up and very often it is cheaper to deal with problems yourself.

If you haven’t yet bought your van and are doing a search to compare van insurance, think about the size of the van that you need. The bigger the van, both in its actual body size and its engine size (and consequently the value of the van) means that it will cost more to insure – not to mention the increased fuel costs.

Think about adding breakdown cover to your policy when you compare van insurance. It may cost you more initially but it could make you huge savings if you breakdown, especially if you happen to be on the motorway. Check if the policy will provide you with a replacement van though before you pay up.

Who is going to be driving your van? Young drivers and those who have driving convictions or points on their licence are going to incur higher insurance costs than older drivers or those with a clean licence.

If you are prepared to remove your tools and other valuable items from your van each night, you could find that your premiums are greatly reduced. Don’t be tempted to lie about this though because if you leave them in the van overnight and they get stolen they will not be covered.

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Van insurance cover

Owning a van can turn out to be very useful as this type of vehicle is very versatile. You can use a van for personal purposes or even use a number of vans to run certain types of businesses. No matter what purpose your van will serve, it is imperative that you insure your van with the right type of van insurance cover. Insuring your van is necessary not only for your own safety and protection in case of accidents but also in order to fulfill the governmental requirements needed for any vehicle.
Before you can decide upon what type of insurance would work best for your van and your necessities, you need to know exactly about what a van insurance cover can provide. The best thing about van insurance is that you can adapt the policy to fit your specific needs. For example if you run a van business, then you need to think about the number of vans that need coverage and certain aspects like transportation of goods, drivers and so on. For this type of needs there is something known as a comprehensive van insurance cover. This type of cover will allow you to be able to insure the goods that your vans transport, or insure the driver’s medical bills in case of accidents, or just about any risks that you might want to be insured for.
For those that own a van for personal purposes, the best option would be to choose a basic van insurance cover. A basic policy would provide the necessary cover in case of accidents in which your van might get damaged, or in case of theft, or even explosions. If you want to be extra cautious you can choose a type of insurance known as a third party policy. What this policy does, is that it will provide coverage in case your van would cause injury or damage to another person or its goods. Since you never know what might happen this type of policy would come in very handy.
If you own multiple vans and you are thinking about the costs of insuring each van, you need to know that there is a van insurance cover specially designed for such cases. The policy needed is known as fleet insurance and it provides coverage for multiple vans under one single insurance policy. The advantage of this policy is that it saves you money and the hustle of insuring each van separately.
Angella Brown is an expert author on various interesting topics. To know more about the various policies why not compare van insurance cover yourself, from a range of top providers. For more in-depth analysis of insurance feel free to visit us at Vision Commercial Insurance

Van Insurance

Vans are usually very efficient and multipurpose vehicles which can be used for personal or commercial purposes. In order to be able to use them without worries you need to know how to insure a van. Owning a van can be very useful to you as it might be the major way of transportation for you and it can even play an important role in running your business. That is why in order to protect your investment and your business you need van insurance. Also another reason why you need to insure a van is because it is a legal requirement that any vehicle should be insured.

Just like any standard vehicle insurance, this type of policy will provide the basic coverage in case of accidents that might damage your van, or in case of fires and even theft. You can opt for a basic coverage or if you want to be extra careful you can choose a comprehensive insurance policy. A comprehensive policy will allow you to add in extra clauses to your insurance depending on what specific needs you have. For example if you run a business and you use your van to transport certain goods, in order to properly insure a van you should probably choose a policy that provides coverage for the goods as well. This way if anything were to happen to the goods you transport, you won’t have to worry that your business will suffer as the insurance company will cover for the losses.

Another type of policy that you need in order to properly insure a van would be a liability insurance policy. This type of insurance will provide the necessary coverage in case your van was to cause injury or damages to a third party. If your business operates with a number of vans then the best type of insurance would be a fleet insurance. This type of policy will allow you to insure more than one van under the same policy. This means less hassle and you will end up saving money as well.

The best way to go about if you want to insure a van is to do some research before hand. If you don’t have much time to do that, then you can obtain information very easily and very fast by searching the internet. You can even find sites that offer online insurance and they usually offer discounts if you buy the policy online.

Angella Brown is an expert author on various interesting topics. To know more about the various policies why not compare Van Insurance yourself, from a range of top providers.

Cheap Van Insurance

If you are a van driver as part of a small business, or perhaps own a fleet of vans on a commercial basis, it is important that you obtain a cheap van insurance premium to ensure that your business is fully protected.

Cheap van insurance is available at a variety of different levels of cover, with comprehensive cover allowing you to transport stock and carry out door-to-door sales with the confidence that you are fully protected. Insurance policies are also available for large commercial vehicles as a van is classed as a vehicle weighing less than 3.5 tones. Many businesses rely on their vans as a source of income, and as such it is imperative that your vehicle(s) are fully protected in the event of an accident, theft or any other damage. Third party insurance cover is available, but as a business owner, it is extremely important that your employees, your stock/ equipment, and your vehicles are completely protected.

You will often find that third party insurance policies often include fire and theft of the vehicle, but it is not typical for them to provide cover for any stock or equipment in the van. It is important that you compare van insurance policies and prices before taking cheap van insurance.

With one third of the quarter of a million traffic accidents that occur every year involving some who was at work, it is vital that your business is adequately covered. It is estimated that 47,000 vans are stolen from small businesses across the UK every year – thus highlighting the need for good quality van insurance. If you van or fleet was off the road due to damage, or perhaps had been stolen, would your business survive without the financial compensation to pay for repairs, or a new car?  Buying cheap van insurance is ideal for small businesses if the policy meets their requirements, but more often than not, a cheap policy means that add-ons not legally required are missing. Make sure that you are not one of the unlucky ones caught out by your cheap van insurance.

Commercial Van Insurance

Most small businesses focusing on van transportation, such as couriers, door-to-door sales, and many others require commercial van insurance to ensure that their business is fully protected from any unexpected costs. There are a number of things that could lead to you needing to claim on your commercial van insurance such as theft, damage, and road traffic accidents. If you do not have adequate cover, you might end up with significant losses in revenue.

If your van is used for business or commercial purposes, it is imperative that you seek an adequate van insurance policy. Whether your vehicle is used simply to transport you between different locations at work, or used as an important part of your business’ activities, it is necessary that you, your business, your employees and your vehicles are protected.

Similarly to standard car insurance, commercial van insurance is available at a variety of levels: comprehensive; third party, fire & theft; and third party only. Although the third party cover is usually the cheapest, it is also the most basic form of cover, and could leave you with huge bills to pay. A more comprehensive level of cover will provide you with full cover for transportation of stock, transporting you between different business locations, door-to-door sales and much more. As a van is legally classed as a vehicle weighing less than 3.5 tonnes, commercial van insurance is available for larger vehicles such as a minibus or small lorry.

There are a number of situations which could leave you struggling to foot the bill if you do not obtain adequate insurance. There are nearly 100,000 road traffic accidents every year across the UK involving someone who was at work. Also, nearly 50,000 commercial vans are stolen from businesses every year. If you are the next victim, will you be fully protected? A suitable van insurance policy should cover you for theft of your vehicle and its contents, damage, accidents, and everything else you would expect from comprehensive cover at a reasonable price.

If you are struggling to find a cheap insurance premium, compare commercial van insurance policies online to find the best deal.