August 27, 2014

Why Online Taxi Insurance is Better than Offline?

With the rise of the internet insurance has moved on to the virtual world and it’s now possible for cab drivers to get a taxi insurance quote online and then to actually take it out there and then without ever coming into contact with a representative from an insurance broker. But why should more people look to move online instead of remaining offline?

Range of Choice

To get a range of choice away from the computer it’s a matter of getting out the phone book and then contacting each company individually. This is time-consuming and people can spend whole days trying to get the right quote for them. However, the online world has plenty of different comparison websites that can draw data from hundreds of different providers in a few seconds. That’s all the hard work done with.

Financial Costs

As already mentioned, a comparison website can be used to obtain a taxi insurance quote online. This means that it’s easier to get lower quotes, so if this is done then the cab driver will ultimately be paying out less for their insurance package. Even if it’s only a few pounds it will add up in savings over time.

To find one of these comparison sites just perform a Google search. There are tonnes of them that all perform the same action. Just remember to use multiple websites because that will increase the accuracy of the results.


Dealing with an insurance broker in person can take a while with all the travelling and the paperwork that’s involved with the whole process. Now it’s possible to actually take out taxi insurance online. It has to be mentioned that not all insurance brokers have this service available, but more insurers than ever are now turning to it as a convenient way to take out insurance.

The process will take less than an hour as long as all the necessary identification and information are to hand. Simply follow the instructions on the insurer’s website and that’s that. In exceptional cases there still might be a need to actually talk to the insurer in person, though.

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How to Drastically Slice Your Taxi Insurance Premiums

Taxi insurance in the UK is something which is compulsory. All taxi drivers in the private hire and public hire sectors will require some form of insurance, at least third party only insurance. But insurance is on an upwards trend at the moment, so it’s important to be able to reduce the premiums as much as possible.

Driver’s Situation

Taxi insurance UK is very similar to its US counterpart in that the driver’s situation will have an influence on the amount that the driver is quoted. The following factors will have an impact on this amount:

• Drivers who are younger have been shown to have more accidents due to their lack of experience, and this will increase the cost of taxi insurance.
• Those individuals who are married have been shown by a number of studies to be more careful. Insurance companies have taken this into account and will give a nominal reduction when it comes to drivers who happen to be married.
• And, as expected, the number of previous driving convictions and penalty points will also be taken into account when deciding on the price of insurance.

Secure the Car

If a car has a high chance of being stolen or damaged then this will naturally increase the risk, in the view of the insurance company. In response to this, insurance companies will increase the price of a taxi insurance policy. But there are things which drivers can do to lower this risk.

• When the car isn’t in use it can be stored in a secure location, like a garage. This will reduce the chances of it being stolen.
• Additional security measures like alarms, engine immobilisers, and electronic key cards will all work to deter thieves.
• Cars that are naturally more expensive will also be a target for thieves, so cutting the value of the car by buying a cheaper model can help to reduce any insurance premiums.

What About Reducing Coverage?

It’s possible to reduce the amount of insurance coverage in order to save money, but this shouldn’t be done because if a serious accident occurs then this can bring down serious repercussions on those who don’t have insurance. A lack of insurance will mean no legal or financial protection, and this could cost the driver their business and livelihood.

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Advice and Service from a Taxi Insurance Broker

The United Kingdom is becoming more litigation conscious and any cab driver would be wise to consider the implications of having an accident involving personal injury, or causing damage to property. For any instance of this nature, an established and experienced taxi insurance broker should be the preferred choice.

There are many broker services offered from a variety of call centre operators, all competing for your business. However, in a matter of this seriousness, it would be wise to enlist the services of a taxi insurance broker, who has been referred to you or one who meets your specific criteria regarding, looking after your interests.

Cheap Rates and Quality

Admittedly, there are tempting cheap rates being continuously offered on behalf of a huge and varied range of insurers. Before committing yourself however, determine the reputation of the broker whom you are considering and compare the quality of service others. This could be considered an essential aspect of the trust you will be giving, to a taxi insurance broker, regarding your livelihood and any adverse circumstances that arise from it.

An experienced and reputable taxi insurance broker, will arrange the best obtainable cover for you, whether for public hire or private hire taxis. It is usual for private hire vehicles to be pre-booked and then the driver collects the passengers form a designated location. Taxis operating under the heading of public hire can be called on the street at any time and are generally called “Black Cabs”, irrespective of their colour. They are seen in lines at taxi ranks in town centres or at railway stations.

Your Taxi Insurance Broker

The foregoing is only a small example of some of the technicalities involved relating to insuring your vehicle. Your taxi insurance broker will qualify exactly the type of insurance you require for your specific operation and explain it to you without the complex legal terminology. Various factors may affect your insurance premiums and the advice of a concerned broker could make a significant difference to you, inspect of your overall operation and financially.

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Taxi Insurance Broker

Nowadays running a business that operates with taxis can turn out to be a very profitable choice. Many people can make their business into a very profitable one in no time if they use a bit of common sense and a lot of hard work. Surely if you own a taxi business then you know how much of an important investment it represents and that is why you want to insure that you are protected financially in the event of accidents or any other risks. For that purpose you need to purchase a special type of insurance designed for taxis only and you need to search for a good taxi insurance broker. If you want to have peace of mind but also to be able to conduct your business legally you need to insure your taxis.

Before you set out to find a taxi insurance broker, you need to know a few things about taxi insurance and what type of coverage it can provide. Just like any type of vehicle insurance, basic taxi insurance will provide you with coverage if your vehicle suffers damage due to accidents, explosions or fires. Usually most polices will also come with coverage for theft of the vehicle itself. Generally if your business doesn’t operate with many vehicles and if you don’t have plans of expansion, choosing the basic type of taxi insurance is more than enough to insure protection and fulfill the legal requirements.

The thing you need to know and also the things which your taxi insurance broker will ask you about is the type of business you run. Depending on that factor you can choose one of the two major types of insurance policies for taxis. If you use your taxis for private hire then you need to choose a private hire taxi insurance policy. This policy is usually a bit more expensive then the policy designed for public hire but it is necessary in order to fulfill the specific risks and needs that come with operating private hire taxis.

It is always best to ask your taxi insurance broker to provide you with an insurance policy that provides liability coverage. This is important because considering the nature of your business people will be coming in and out of your cab and thus you want to be insured in the event of accidents that might cause injury to your passengers. This way in the event of a law suit the legal expenses will be covered by the insurance company.

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Complete Guide For Buying Taxi Insurance

There are literally thousand articles about taxi insurance. What makes this article special? Well in this article we have cut all the bull crap and are dealing straight with the topic.

What is taxi insurance?

It is like any other vehicle insurance policy, however there are some changes made so that it provides maximum coverage to the taxi owners. The term taxi insurance includes various other policies apart from vehicle insurance. However the client can choose which policies they require and which they do not need. The most compulsory policies are the accident and damage policy. This policy provides the needed financial coverage if the vehicle is damaged due to accident. The other compulsory policy is the third party liability policy. This policy provides coverage to the owner if the vehicle is involved in damaging the property or life of third person. These are a must policy for any taxi owners to conduct their business legally.

Are there different types of taxi insurance?

There are different types of policy based on its functionalities. The important types of policy are the private hire insurance policies and the public hire insurance policies. These policies are made to cover the risks involved by different type of cabs. Private hire policy covers the cabs which pick up customers who have pre-booked the cab. These cabs have less risk compared to the public hire cabs. Therefore it is important that the proper policy is purchased by the cab owners. The other different types of policies are the fleet insurance policy. This is a single policy which covers multiple vehicles owned by a single owner or an organization. This is single policy making it easy for the owners. The other type of policy which is making the headlines is the comprehensive policy. As the name indicates this policy provides all the required coverage.

Is online taxi insurance the best choice?

The best place to get taxi insurance is the internet. There is literally hundred of website which deals with taxi insurance. These websites provides complete information about any policy. Taxi owners can log on to these sites and read about various terms and conditions governing the policies. Furthermore these sites also provide a program where you can compare various policies from different providers. This allows you to understand the pros and cons of various taxi insurance policies. Some websites also provide certain discounts and offers if the policy is purchased online.

Angella Brown is an expert author on various interesting topics. To know more about the various policies why not compare Taxi Insurance yourself, from a range of top providers. For more in-depth analysis of insurance feel free to visit us at Taxi Protection Insurance