August 21, 2014

Why motorbikes are better than cars

The world is full of obsessive motorists who spend hour after hour, and pound after pound, on their four-wheeled obsession. Countless mini-Clarksons out there think cars, from the E-type to the Land Rover to the Subaru Impreza, are the pinnacle of man’s achievements. But they are sadly mistaken, because motorcycles are better.

Obviously there’s less scope to carry your shopping home on the back of your bike, let alone head off on holiday with the family, but for countless reasons, cars are left in the shade by their two-wheeled cousins. Here are some of the major reasons.


There are some amazing cars to drive out there, and a handful of them don’t cost the same as a house. The Mazda MX-5 and Subaru Impreza are high-class machines for average Joes but for the same price as a second-hand model you can get a superbike like the incredible Suzuki Hayabusa. New, high-quality bikes can cost £5,000 or less, and a classic Harley will set you back less a new Renault Twingo. Getting specially designed insurance like Bikesure bike insurance means you can continue enjoying two-wheeled motoring for less.


The very act of riding a motorcycle means it is a better motoring experience. Even the best driving machines are essentially boxes that keep you from the open road. This is not the case on a motorbike, where it’s just you, your leathers and the incredible feat of engineering beneath you. Fresh air vs air conditioning? On a great driving road, in the sun, there is no contest whatsoever.


On the open road, motorcyclists can open up the throttle and really enjoy life while in traffic, they don’t have to put up with its miseries either. Motorbikes are great for weaving through stationary traffic while drivers slowly lose their minds and the advantages don’t end there. As they take up much less room, a garage can comfortably house three or four bikes, which can still all cost less than a Ford Mondeo.


While motorists pull their hair out as fuel prices climb over £1.35 per gallon, motorcyclists chalk another one up in the win column. The thirstier bikes out there get about 30 mpg, which is about the same as a Toyota Yaris. The best performers can get over 100mpg, which means they perform better than the eco friendly Toyota Prius.

Hobby Potential

There are plenty of mechanically-minded car enthusiasts who love nothing more than to slide underneath the object of their desire and tweak its parts, but the accessibility of the machinery and lack of body to mess up means bikers have far more scope for playing with their machines or even rebuilding them from scratch. Bikers don’t just have the opportunity to spend more time with their bikes; there is a strong community around motorbikes, which makes them a brilliant way to meet like-minded people and travel to different parts of the country or even further afield.

Taking the time to compare motorcycle insurance quotes

You may not be relishing the prospect of taking some time to compare motorcycle insurance quotes.

While this may be understandable, if you concentrate on the fact that this exercise may result in you saving some significant amounts of cash on the cost of your motorbike insurance premium cover, then the task may seem more worthwhile though admittedly not really any more enjoyable!

The first step you may need to consider when thinking about your criteria, when you compare motorcycle insurance quotes, is whether or not you fall into any special category or group of bikers. For example;

  • you may be looking for cheap female bike insurance;
  • should you be just starting out with your first bike and are fairly young then you may need to be looking for those providers who may be able to arrange cover for bikers as young as 16 (a CBT pass certificate may be required);
  • at the opposite end of the age range, bikers over 70 and perhaps up to the age of 75 if they have a very good previous riding history, may similarly benefit  from the services of a specialist provider;
  • if you have some penalty points on your licence then this may influence the way that providers may view you;
  • you may be the owner of a classic bike and need very specific cover;
  • you may own several bikes and are looking for a single policy that can cover all of them.

Motorcycle riders obviously differ significantly one from the other and need correspondingly different types of motorcycle insurance cover.

Using a specialist motorbike insurance provider who can provide quotes tailored to your specific needs may help make your comparison exercise just that little bit easier.

Different policies may have different terms and conditions attached. For example some policies may require:

  • that you keep your bike on your driveway when it is not in use rather than on the public highway;
  • if you have a classic or very high value bike, you may find that you are asked to ensure that your bike is garaged securely when not in use;
  • that you take additional security precautions such as fitting a tracking device;
  • that you reduce your annual mileage to specified levels.

The last thing that you may wish to consider when you compare motorcycle insurance quotes is the price of the policy. Important to your pocket as this may be, it may only make sense to look at it when you know that the policy is providing you with the level of cover that you need.

Is the cheapest motorcycle insurance automatically the best?

It is probably true to say that there are those who would not hesitate to answer the above question in the affirmative.  They may well see the cheapest motorcycle insurance as being, by definition, the best.

Yet the story may be rather more complicated than that and going forward with a view that the cheapest equals the best, may prove to have unfortunate ramifications.

That may come to pass because insurance really only exists for one purpose – to provide you with financial support in the event you suffer one of a specified range of problems covered by your policy.

Therefore, if you are unfortunate and find yourself in the position of needing to make a claim, the cost of your motorbike insurance policy to date will be something that is of no interest to you whatsoever.  Your focus of attention will be almost exclusively on things such as the cover provided by your bike insurance policy and the service provided by your bike insurer in helping to conclude matters satisfactorily for you.

If you accept the logic of these positions, it seems inevitable that you must conclude that sourcing an insurance policy based upon price alone, might end up in extreme disappointment in the event of a claim.  Perhaps the very best thing that can be said about an exclusively cheapest motorcycle insurance and price-driven focus, is that it may prove to be extremely risky.

If a focus on cover is adopted, it is perfectly normal to ask what place price therefore has in the equation.  Perhaps comparatively few of us have sufficient financial resources to entirely disregarded the subject altogether!

One approach that may be useful is to search for insurers that are able to offer product ranges that are closely aligned to your own bike needs.

For example, some insurers offer things such as female bike insurance or young/old rider cover.  In areas such as these, assuming you qualify, you may be able to find some interesting economies that may appeal to you.

You may find that the cheapest motorcycle insurance for another rider may end up proving to be anything but the cheapest for you if the policy is not providing the cover you need.

Bike insurance and new riders

If you are new to motorcycling, you may be wondering about just how bike insurance works and how much it is going to cost you.

Although it is impossible to accurately answer the second part of the question, without you going through a full quotation process, you may find the following points to be useful:

  • as a new motorcyclist, you may need to accept that your insurance may be somewhat less cost attractive than policies for more experienced riders;
  • if you both lack experience and are relatively young, then the two things together may increase your costs a little further;
  • as you might expect, the cost of your motorcycle insurance will typically be significantly affected by the size, type and value of your bike – the way you use it (e.g. your annual mileages) may also play a part;
  • unfortunately, motorcycles are not immune from the attention of thieves and vandals, with a significant proportion of such problems arising when bikes are parked overnight, therefore, if you can park your bike off the public road on your driveway (or better, in a locked and secure garage) you may be able to keep down the price of your insurance;
  • one thing that may adversely affect the cost of your bike insurance is a motoring conviction – avoiding these may therefore not only be socially responsible bike riding but also practical in helping to reduce your costs;
  • if you are purchasing a second-hand bike, it might be prudent to check whether or not it has been modified away from the original manufacturer’s specification – if it has, that may also increase the price of your bike insurance, as some insurers are fearful of such modifications;
  • if you are in the process of choosing the bike with which to start your motorcycling experience, remember that a combination of a powerful machine combined with an inexperienced and/or young rider, may result in some fairly hefty insurance premiums – it may be advisable to consider a smaller and less ambitious machine until such time as you have accumulated both experience and a no claims discount;
  • the position with regard to no claims discount may be complicated and vary significantly between insurance policies, however, as a general rule it may be advisable to avoid relatively small value claims, as these may put your discount at risk;
  • finally, it might make sense to try and find an insurance provider who is able to offer you a choice of several insurers’ bike insurance policies to choose from – it may allow you an opportunity to find motorbike cover that is suitable for you.

What is female bike insurance?

The motorcycle insurance marketplace is increasingly competitive and in an attempt to design policies that will appeal to specific segments of that market, some insurers are now offering products such as female bike insurance.

Segmentation is key

Some insurance providers are eager to try and customise, as far as possible, their product offerings, so that they meet the specific requirements of certain categories of biker.

This process is technically called segmentation and it leads to product lines that may appeal specifically to certain types of potential policyholder.

One such line now being offered is referred to as female bike insurance and as the name suggests, this has been designed to take into account the specific characteristics of women who have taken to two wheels.

This is not the only form of segmentation however. Other varieties that you may come across might include:

  • multi-bike policies;
  • convicted or banned biker insurance;
  • zero claim cover (for those that have either not yet built up a no claims discount or who have lost it);
  • scooter and moped policies;
  • over £1000 premium policies (aiming to assist those who are currently paying over that figure for their annual motorcycle insurance).

Why bother?

Obviously, insurers develop these product lines in an attempt to cater for given sections of the motorcycle population.

In some cases, inquiring about policies so designed, may result in you finding more cost-effective and/or suitable cover.

In other situations, such as convicted bike insurance, these specialist lines of business may be a way of circumventing some of the problems you may otherwise find in trying to obtain cover.

Looking at your own characteristics and seeking out an insurance category that matches may be a more productive approach than simply searching for the cheapest motorcycle insurance (a concept that may be impossible to define given that what is cheap for one biker may not prove to be cheap for another).


Female bike insurance is simply one of many specific product lines now available. Searching for your insurance on that basis may be a slightly different but ultimately more rewarding strategy.

Top 10 Tips for Getting The Best Motorbike Insurance

Motorbikes are extremely cheap to run, so it almost defeats the purpose to pay a fortune for insurance. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top 10 tips when it comes to choosing the right motorbike insurance policy for you.

1. Compare prices the easy way

Shopping around for a great deal the old-fashioned way (by ringing various companies), always seems like a good idea. That is until you’re receiving cold calls from countless insurance firms attempting to outdo one another on price. Save this unnecessary hassle and use a price comparison site instead. You’ll see all the best quotes at a glance, which will help you bag the best value deal for your needs.

2. Don’t be afraid to swap policies

Have you considered changing the company you’ve taken out your insurance with mid-term? If you haven’t yet made a claim, many insurers will allow a full pro-rata refund, so bear in mind that you’re free to swap policies at any time.

3. Less is more

While it can be extremely tempting to jump from a medium-sized bike to a large one, it’s worth remembering that this is sure to hike up the price of your insurance. Instead, progress steadily to ensure you can easily cover the costs. Plus, some insurers even offer discounts or deals if you choose to downsize your bike at a later date.

4. Keeping costs down

Something as simple as fitting an immobiliser on your bike can bring the cost of your insurance down dramatically. The premiums insurers will quote you are based entirely on the risk they think you present, so there are some easy ways to keep the costs down for yourself. Deter thieves by keeping your motorbike out of sight and in a garage and you’ll be offered a cheaper quote for your efforts. Plus, if you don’t take a pillion rider on your bike, you may also be entitled to a significant saving.

5. Get another bike

Do you own more than one bike? If so, let the insurance companies you are liaising with know, as you may be entitled to cheaper motorbike insurance.

6. Why do you use your bike?

Let insurance companies know if you use your bike for work or pleasure. As the premium you’re charged reflects the risk you present to insurance firms, it makes sense to let insurance firms know if you only use your bike for an occasional ride with friends, making you a much safer bet.

7. Feeling flush?

If so, pay for your motorbike insurance annually and in one lump sum. Paying monthly usually costs more, whereas you’ll be entitled to a small discount if you pay upfront.

8. Be safe

Stay safe on your bike; not just to protect yourself but to ensure your insurance quotes don’t dramatically rise. Riding convictions will ensure your premiums rocket, so let your insurance company know if you’ve had no convictions or claims to reduce the cost.

9. What level of motorbike insurance do you need?

You can choose between fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft protection or third party only. All of these policies offer differing levels of cover, so it’s worth considering what you’ll be using your bike for, and  how often, when you obtain initial quotes.

10. Protect your bike from theft

Did you know that bikes are twice as likely to get stolen as cars? With this in mind, tuck your bike away in a garage to reduce the risk. If, for instance, you don’t have a garage, insurance providers will offer you a dearer quote as they realise the chance of your bike getting stolen is much higher. Just as you would keep yourself safe, make sure you keep your bike protected and you’ll save money in the process!

Shopping Online For Motor Insurance



One great side-effect with the internet may be the availability of obtaining prices and quotes online. For those kinds of items from washers to cars to houses and even boring stuff like car insurance.


Most women have to juggle their daily lives, gelling work, kids and home life. A good place for women to check out car insurance is through the Internet, which will save you some time and almost certainly money.


Creating an online business ladies can compare quotes from several companies, contact the broker and e-mail questions and instructions. Additionally , you will have a choice of local and national companies everywhere. Not just your nearest high Street insurance agent.


Everyone who drives in the UK is required to have a minimum of the basic minimum third-party insurance to pay them against a loss and injury involving other motor vehicles and people.


A minimum of now using the Internet ladies can conserve time start by making direct e-mail contact with a broker. Rather than hanging around the end with the phone for hours waiting for quotes. Women have become a big problem in the car insurance market during the last few years, with some companies creating specifically to simply deal with lady drivers.


Many of these companies have spent a large amount of money in the media and magazine advertising campaigns to entice women to make use of their insurance services. These businesses are not charities. They’ve got realised that ladies drivers have become a very important auto insurance market in britain.


There are all kinds of ladies car insurance comparison web pages, supposedly supplying the best quotes available. But even just in the Internet age it’s still a good idea to have a personal relationship along with your insurance broker. He will have a vested fascination with keeping you content, and getting you the greatest deal so that he can create a commission on the sale every year.


Car insurance brokers using a strong Internet presence will usually be able to provide a much better deal than the usual broker in the traditional insurance office. The explanation for this simply amounts to the cost of doing business. Traditional brokers have high overheads such as rent, electricity, property taxes etc.

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Automobile Insurance? Don’t Just Accept The Renewal Quote


Many countless insurance renewal, bills is going to be sent out within the next a couple weeks, you should consider if it’s a good idea to just accept the quote. On the other hand, maybe you should look around to see if you could find a better deal.


Huge variety of motorists will be in severe shock once they discover how much their premium could have risen since paying their insurance last year.


In the UK, new number plates are issued throughout the month of March; it’s also the month with all the highest quantity of car sales. So obviously, as a side-effect is also the month, the best amount of auto insurance policies arranged.


So for a lot of millions March could be the happy anniversary from the purchase of their brand spanking new car. Unfortunately, it will likewise be the anniversary of getting their new insurance coverage.


Renewal time is an excellent opportunity to look over your policy, and consider, could you get the same cover and pay less overall?


A good starting point is by going through all the boring stipulations. You may find that inside your rush to find yourself in your new motor a year ago. You did not consider just what insurance conditions you required for you and your vehicle.


Many times that their are a few conditions that don’t apply to you that which you no longer need, removing small pieces of cover can significantly lower your insurance premium.


The floods last summer had a huge effect on the cost of renewing household insurance as a result of massive quantity of claims. Folks don’t realise that huge variety of cars were also damaged or destroyed by the floods, which have contributed to a increase in motor insurance costs.


The AA has released its latest index of quarterly insurance charges. The survey concludes that there are been a big increase in the number of personal injury claimants on motor insurance providers. The knock-on effect of this has been a 2.5% rise in the cost of insurance policy. The index covers quotes from greater than 80 large and small insurers, and found that the average comprehensive insurance fees are now nearly £630.

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How To Get The Cost Of Your Bike Insurance Down

If you just recently acquired yourself a motorbike and plan to use this as your primary means of transportation, then your next step will be getting your bike insured. You do not want to get yourself stuck in an unlikely situation especially if you are just enjoying your ride, do you? Although the chances of road accidents are quite low, the fact that it is still possible is a clear sign that you really need to get protection. In order to secure yourself and your motorbike, you need to get a Bike insurance.
In today’s world, it is quite practical for us to acquire goods and services at the cheapest rate possible. Buying a motorbike may not be as expensive as a car but it is still a big investment. Of course, insurance policies can really cost you a lot more especially if you do not have the time to shop around for good deals. Because motorcycling is such a risky endeavor, insurance companies charge more expensive insurance premiums to bike riders. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can reduce the cost of your premiums.
If you’re a first time insurance buyer, you always have the option to use an online comparison service in order to determine the cheapest plan available in the market. These websites are easily found all over the internet and would be of good use to you as a consumer. Another great way to significantly reduce the cost of your insurance premium is to get ample experience and certification. Once you pass numerous road worthiness and certification courses, you will begin to receive cheaper insurance offers from companies.
You also need to realize that insurance is such a risky business. That is why insurance companies often charge more expensive rates to riders who are careless and those who do not give enough care to their motorbikes. It is a good idea to install safety devices on your bike also. You should also do a regular maintenance for your bike in order to make sure that all parts or working well. An added tip is to house your bike into a garage rather than in the street side.
Bike Insurance can also be paid in one lump sum payment or in a monthly basis. Think of it as a loan where you get to be charged for interest rate in the event that you opt to get it in a monthly basis. Always make sure to check how much the interest will cost you before deciding on this matter. If you have multiple bikes, seek for multi-bike policies which are relatively cheaper as you will be purchasing in bulk. There are plenty more of things to consider in having the best and affordable insurance for your bike. You just need to be patient and diligent in finding these remarkable deals.

Be Aware Of Motorbike Insurance Brokers

As with auto insurance, motorcycle insurance works the same way and is required in some countries but not in others. Check the laws where you live. Even if it’s not required, you might want to take out basic coverage. Talk to company representatives and look at their information to see what’s offered. As with auto insurance, motorcycle insurance works the same way and is required in some countries but not in others. Check the laws where you live.

When you are in search of a motor cycle insurance company the data exchange is mutual as it is a two way path. Both will be in need of information. You have to provide your age, year of licence issued, basic knowledge in motor driving and driving experience. Also you have to furnish your address etc. It is very important that the data you provided should be accurate as it is the basis for them to assess the coverage and premium.

Before you purchase motorcycle insurance coverage, do your research. Make sure that you are covered in the areas that you need, and do not allow yourself to fall the package deals, although cheaper, as they might not include proper coverage for your needs. It is best to compare individual prices and add only what you need, saving you money in the long run.

Perhaps, if your selected company is not so familiar and if it is a new one, you have to search detains about its branches in some other countries and it is better to collect correct information of its previous record. You can try to collect above information through internet. Suppose if you cannot collect such data from internet, you can approach suitable persons at concerned office. You have to inquire them about their working operations and experience in this field. Suppose if they are connected in their operation with any other countries, you have to know about how many customers they have to meet in a day and how many claims they will have to process every day.

If the company is not ready to provide the information you are asking for, you can conclude that such company is not good enough to do business with. The information you are asking for is so basic that there should be no reason for the company to withhold it. Don’t allow yourself to be a foolish victim of the company. If the company is not straightforward enough to supply information about it, leave it and approach a more trustworthy company which has been in business for a long time in your country and area.

It is very crucial that you concentrate well on buying only the things you want and you can afford and also pay attention to all the rules and regulations of the insurance company and ask questions about anything not clear. It is wise to opt a reputed and popular company instead of trying the new established one.