August 27, 2014

Guide for Payment protection insurance

For people who take out a loan or a mortgage, there will be an obligation on your part to keep up with the repayments. If you fall behind with your repayments, you will face additional late payment charges, and your credit history will also be logged, which can have an impact on your future credit score and future lending.

This makes payment protection insurance, such as mortgage repayment protection insurance, a good idea for people who want to hedge against not being able to pay monthly repayments due to sickness, accidents and redundancy. Payment protection insurance will help cover your repayments if you find yourself out of work and unable to meet your financial credit repayments, and because the economic squeeze is making redundancy more and more common, this is definitely something to keep in mind. If you are eligible then repayment protection insurance offers many advantages that can see you through the hard times.

You should always check to see if you are eligible for this insurance, and whether your circumstances put you at risk of actually needing it, since there is no point spending money on the insurance unless you might need it. For instance, a household with two working partners might be able to provide for any repayments if one partner suffers a long term illness or redundancy. You need to be in full time employment to apply for this insurance, and this means you are not eligible is you are a student, retired, or are self-employed.

Payment protection insurance does not cover everything, and medical cases involving stress, an on-going ailment, or back problems are usually not covered. It is very important to check what conditions your policy will cover and what circumstances make you ineligible. PPI selling has come under fire recently for being forcefully sold to people, and sold to people who are ineligible, but the fact is that no PPI is required with any form of credit you take out. Independent providers are the best way to take out PPI at any time, and they often provide the best cover.

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