August 23, 2014

Should I buy a boat? Three things to consider when buying insurance for your watercraft

It’s rare that a person considers buying boat insurance. After all, it’s rare to wake up and think ‘I should buy a boat’, let alone consider the insurance for it. However, for many a boat can be a home, a business opportunity. Many are taking to travelling (and living) on a narrow boat, or on a massive yatch, sailing around the southern coasts. There’s opportunity for adventure and fun on the seas, but also for profit, as increasingly jet-ski businesses spring up around the country. There are ways to insure wind-surfs, RIB’s, dinghies and canoes too. It’s worth it, especially as we know how dangerous waters can be. Here’s some things to consider when purchasing insurance:

  • Used or new? – Is the craft borrowed, or new? This could mean a lot to insurers, who may deem the quality of the craft questionable if it’s an old rust-bucket, as opposed to a brand new yatch.
  • How can I save? – The best thing to do is go on a Personal Watercraft Course (or PWC), in order to prove yourself as an adequate sailor. This will help save on premiums in the long run. There are also several different policies and exclusions for each different type of watercraft. Jet-ski insurance, for instance, may only cover you by a limited distance between you and the shore. And remember, it’s only the craft that’s insured. Items such as wet suits, life vests and emergency telephones have to be covered on another policy, such as contents insurance.
  • What am I going to use it for? – There are many reasons to buy a boat in terms of investment, whether financial or personal. Of the many differences in policies, for instance, Yatch insurance may or may not include racing. Also whether you’re covered in only British waters, or abroad. You normally need to declare that others will use your craft, especially those under 21. As mentioned above, if it’s your family then it’s best to get them qualified with a PWC.

When buying a policy it’s best to check for exclusions, especially to do with theft exclusions, as there are many differences between policy holders. Otherwise, if you’re all set, then happy sailing!

Boat Insurance – What You Need to Know

According to a report in the Telegraph, the only sure fire way to avoid a maritime disaster when buying a boat is to get a yacht survey done but more importantly, obtain boat insurance.

Yacht Insurance: Don’t Get that Sinking Feeling

Buying a boat is often a hefty financial commitment and you would never make such a commitment on other commodities without ensuring they were fully protected; boats and yachts are no different. According to a report in the Telegraph, more and more people are seeking a bit of freedom out on the open waves but experts are warning of the importance of taking out boat insurance on any vessel you wish to purchase in order to ensure it is covered in the event of an accident or damage. Boat insurance is not something to take lightly, you need to seek expert advice from companies specialising in yacht insurance. Boat insurance from Towergate and other specialists can ensure you find an insurance policy to suit you.

Getting Your Sea Legs – Yacht Surveys

According to the report in the Telegraph, the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) stresses the importance of getting a marine consultant to carry out a boat survey for anyone thinking of purchasing a yacht. The very nature of boat travel means that vessels are susceptible to damage and general wear and tear, which is why a yacht survey and boat insurance are an imperative step when making a purchase. Speaking to the Telegraph, Mandy Peters of RYA states, “With regard to a second-hand boat, the onus is completely on the buyer to ensure that the boat he or she is buying is in a satisfactory condition, or that they are fully aware of the condition of the boat, prior to completing the sale.” This just goes to show the importance of a boat survey as a marine consultant will be able to spot any flaws in a vessel’s structure and give advice on the costs of repair. Should anything go awry with your second hand boat, yacht insurance will be there to cover you.

Boat Safety – Better Safe Than Sorry

Safety should be of paramount importance when taking any vessel out to sea; which is why, particularly if you’re a relative newcomer to sailing, you should take out boat insurance to ensure that any vessel that you purchase doesn’t leave you with any nasty surprises lying in store. The cost of yacht insurance will often depend on the size of your yacht, its current value, where it is docked and where you choose to sail it.

Enjoy yourself worry free with Jet Ski Insurance

Insurance is important for many things in our everyday life. Any road or water vehicle requires enough insurance for it to be able to run safely whilst also obeying the law. Jet ski insurance is one example of your atypical insurance needs. This kind of coverage should be sought so as to avoid problems later on.

Jet ski coverage provides several advantages. It insures the individual, riders and third parties against any accident or injury, implying that the costs suffered are incorporated into the insurance policy and full compensation can be claimed in case an accident occurs. Health care expenses tend to increase quickly, thus this sort of coverage can be very important. As jet skiing is considered to be a very risky sport, it is advisable to be always ready for any accident.

The jetski should also be covered. The requirement for Jet ski coverage will be theft and fire, but damage and vandalism are two risks that are also highly advised to be covered too.

The major concern when it comes to this kind of coverage is that it is highly specialised so normally it can be hard to find. Doing your homework is always important in order to find the right policy, but there are specialist providers. You can do this through individual research or by consulting a reliable insurance broker. However, it is crucial to search for as many quotes as possible before you settle on any one of them.

Sadly, jet ski insurance can be quite costly. The probability of filing a claim is considered to be incredibly high, because accidents frequently occur. This, however, this doesn’t imply that you cannot find the right insurance coverage for your needs at a reasonable cost. As long as you are committed, you can find the right insurance policy at a very affordable rate.

In a nutshell, jet ski insurance is an essential investment for all jet ski owners. This is because it protects the owner and other riders as well. Also, third parties are covered in the case of an accident so when you find the right policy you can enjoy the sport safely and without any worries.

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Boat Insurance Policy

Although boat insurance policy is not compulsory in many countries, it is highly advisable that the boat owners purchase a good insurance policy for their boat. The reason being very simple, if the boat were to be damaged or stolen then the cost of repair or cost to purchase new boat will eventually fall on the boat owners. If he or she were to purchase a good boat insurance policy then they are amply covered financially by the boat insurance provider.

Boat insurance is very similar to a vehicle insurance policy. The basic insurance policy is the physical damage policy. As the name indicated this policy will provide the coverage if the boat is damaged due to accident or acts of vandalism. The amount covered is predetermined during the time of purchasing the policy. The second type of policy available is the fire insurance policy. This policy provides coverage if the boat is damaged due to fire accidents. The next type of policy is the third party liability policy. Very similar the vehicle third party liability policy. This policy provides the coverage to the owners if the boat is involved in damaging the third party property or lives.

There are varieties of boat insurance policies depending on the type of the water craft. There is canal boat insurance for narrow boats used to navigate in the canals, there is the yacht insurance for big luxurious yacht and also there is dinghy insurance for the small boats used for personal purposes. Depending on the type of water craft that one owns they can go for the particular boat insurance policy. Also there is marine insurance policy for big cargo ships which transport cargo on high seas. One can also buy cargo insurance policy along with marine insurance policy to protect their business.

The best place to search for a good boat insurance policy is the internet. There are literally hundreds of websites which deal with boat insurance. Boat owners need to choose a legitimate site, they can find the legitimacy of the site by checking certain forums where the users would have said about the site. Once the boat owners choose the site, they can log on to the site and then provide the required information. A list of policies which matches the need of the owner will pop up. They can go through each and every policy in detail. Furthermore they can also compare various policies to get a clearer picture about boat insurance policy.

Angella Brown is an expert author on various interesting topics. To know more about the various policies why not compare Boat Insurance Policy yourself, from a range of top providers. For more in-depth analysis of insurance feel free to visit us at Boat Quote Insurance

Boat Insurance Companies

Finding good boat insurance companies can become a hassle for many people. That is the reason why in this article I am gone explain how to find good boat insurance companies.

The first step that I advice all boat owners is to take some time and make a list of things that they are looking for their insurance companies to provide. Without actually knowing what you want how can you find the perfect boat insurance company? So it is important that you make a list of things that you search in your policy, the maximum coverage you are looking for and also the things which you want to be covered. Once you are done with the list then you can start searching for boat insurance companies.
You can proceed in two ways, one either go to your local boat insurance broker and start asking about various insurance companies. You can collect all the needed information you want and come back home, sit and start comparing manually. If you think this is the biggest drawback of approaching a local broker then you should also consider the concept of bias. Normally brokers would try to push the policies which earn them major revenue. They really do not give 100% to the customers so if you feel you want to be solely responsible for choosing your insurance company then you need to choose the second way.

The second way is to search the internet. By searching online you are in complete control. Also you will get huge discounts if you were to purchase policies online. Here is how you go about searching for boat insurance companies online. There are literally hundreds of websites which deal with boat insurances. All you got to do is to find the legitimate website. You can do this by searching on forums where the clients would leave feedbacks. Once you get a legitimate site you can log on to that site and start searching for insurance companies.

You need to first provide certain information regarding your boat and also yourself in order to get a list of companies and policies which match your requirements. Once you get the list you can sit at the comfort of your home and start going through each and every profile. You can also compare various polices and companies online itself. Comparing policies is critical as it gives you in-depth analysis of each and every policy in one go, allowing you to buy the best policy at a cheap price.

Angella Brown is an expert author on various interesting topics. To know more about the various policies why not compare Boat Quote Insurance yourself, from a range of top providers. For more in-depth analysis of insurance feel free to visit us at boat insurance companies

What to look for from a marine insurer

If you have a boat of any size there is a very good chance that it has cost you a lot of money, so it is important, not just that it is adequately insured, but that you choose the right marine insurer.

This means that you will need to do some homework, and the best place to start to look is on the Internet or in boating publications for the top marine insurers; you will be able to determine which ones these are by reading the reviews of industry watchdogs who are brutally honest in their findings.

Once you have found some insurers that look promising, begin to whittle them down systematically. Make a comprehensive list of the sort of cover that you want and then look for a company that can provide that; it’s far too easy to simply take out a policy believing it to be appropriate to your needs only to discover at the worst possible moment that it is not.

Taking this approach will also mean that you will find a marine insurer that will cover all of your requirements in one policy so that you will not have to take out separate cover for different aspects of your sailing life. This may seem like a tedious exercise but you will find that marine insurance is far more complex than home insurance, for example, because of the many variables.

Have a look at the customer service side of things in any marine insurer that looks like a possibility. They should be strong in this area and be able to advise on any matters that you are unsure of.

The claims department needs to be equally proficient, and there are some insurers that have exclusive arrangements with particular service and repair centres so you will be relieved from having to find one for yourself. Naturally, you may have a particular service centre that you trust and prefer so if this is the case make sure that the marine insurer that you opt for will allow you to use them so that you do not inadvertently invalidate your policy.

A marine insurer isn’t always easy to find, but Boat Quote collects the finest quotes for your consideration.

Marine Insurance Company

If you are planning to extend your business into transporting cargo via ships and cargo container on high seas, then you should consider buying yourself a good marine insurance policy. There are many insurance providers present in today’s market. However it is vital that you choose a provider who is good and will be able to offer everything that you need for your business protection.

In this post I will be discussing briefly on how to choose a good marine insurance policy. If you follow the tips provided here you can be certain that you will be choosing the best provider and the best policy at a cheaper quote.

  1. The first thing to do is to sit down and make a list of things that you require your policy to provide you. There are many things you need to consider when it comes to making the list. The most important things you need to consider is the risks that your vessels and your crew member might encounter during the entire operation. This includes both in the port and on the high seas. Once your list is all ready it is easy for you to approach various marine insurance companies and see how much they can fulfill from your list.
  2. The next step is to choose from the list of providers in the market. You can get the information about various marine insurance company either from a insurance broker check them yourself online. If you approach a broker, make sure you will be asking about the various benefits you might get by choosing a policy from each and individual provider. Many companies usually offer discounts if the policies are purchased from their company so it is important that you utilize all such offers.
  3. If you decide to check them online then the matters become very simple. There are literally hundreds of websites which deal with insurance policies. All you need to do is to find the best website which deals with marine insurance. The easiest way to find a dependable website is to check for its review on various forums and threads. Many users would have left comments regarding the website as well as the marine insurance company that they have chosen. Based on the comments you can make your choice.
  4. Once you have decided the website all one needs to do is to log on to the site and provide the needed information. This allows them to search and buy policies online without having to go through a broker.

Angella Brown is an expert author on various interesting topics. To know more about the various policies why not compare marine insurance company yourself, from a range of top providers. For more in-depth analysis of insurance feel free to visit us at Boat Quote Insurance.

Cheap Boat Insurance

If you are the proud new owner of a boat, it can be extremely difficult to find cheap boat insurance. It can be a daunting task, particularly trying to understand the concept of the insurance as this can be confusing and misleading. More often than not, we will always pick the cheapest quotation we are offered, and this can leave you without adequate cover, or without important aspects of insurance that you assumed would be covered. It is extremely important that you read your policy documents thoroughly to ensure that you are aware of what you are eligible to claim for.

There are two types of insurance available for boat owners: agreed value or actual cash value. Expert analysts have established that the main difference between these types of cover is the depreciation of the boat. Boat owners may find that they benefit more from an agreed value policy as the value covered by the insurance policy can be extended to cover to the total loss. Additionally, agreed value policies typically replace damaged parts with new ones. Although there are some obvious advantages to an agreed value policy, an actual cash value policy often pays out enough to replace the financial value of the lost vessel. This boat insurance is often more suitable for more expensive boats.

Although it is always better to go for a quality insurance policy, over cheap boat insurance, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to try and lower your premiums. For example, some boat insurance policies can be added to your home insurance, so it is advised that you check with your current provider. If you have already established a relationship with your insurance provider, you will know that you are putting your boat in the hands of a reputable and trustworthy broker. Many insurance providers offer additional discounts and offers if you hold two or more policies with them, so ask your current provider for further information.

When you take out a boat insurance policy, ensure that you are fully aware of the terms specified in your policy to avoid any unexpected costs.

Life Assurance As Well As Life Insurance Won’t Be The Same!

The normal guy in the pub thinks that Life assurance and also Life assurance are usually brands for the same kind of insurance plan. How completely wrong these are! Nevertheless will not suspend top of your head inside shame, a lot of economic leaders fail too! Term life insurance as well as Life insurance conduct various fiscal tasks and they are poles apart on price — so that it allows you log onto for the right product.

Life insurance provide you with insurance cover for the particular stretch of time (generally known as the particular policy’s “term”). And then, if you decide to die although your coverage is within power, your insurance provider pays out a new tax-free quantity. In case you make it to the stop of the expression, your insurance plan will be done and has zero walk away worth in any respect. There are just a value if you have an incident : in that circumstance it is just as if your insurance!

Life insurance is different. This is a crossbreed mix of expense and also insurance coverage. A Life assurance insurance plan pays out a new total equal on the greater regarding either a confirmed bare minimum underwritten by the policy’s insurance coverage provisions or perhaps it’s investment valuation. The worthiness of the expense factor is then a dependent on the insurance plan Businesses investment functionality and length of moment you’ve paid the actual monthly premiums.

Each year the particular insurer brings a yearly extra to the confirmed value you will ever have confidence policy then there is commonly a supplementary “terminal bonus” towards the end. For that reason, as time proceed life insurance coverage boosts inside worth as the investment signup bonuses gather. The value of the add-ons tend to be then determined by the insurance businesses purchase efficiency. As soon as investment worth may be given to the policy, you’ll be able to cash it in with the insurer. However, many people obtain a far better cost because of their life insurance policy through promoting this with a professional investment agent rather than cashing the idea within using the insurer.

If you die during a Life insurance policy’s phrase, your coverage makes sense out the greater involving sometimes the certain lowest sum or the accumulated worth from the twelve-monthly expenditure bonus deals. Nevertheless, if you’re even now living once the coverage terminates, picked obtain a larger agreed payment. It is because primarily insurance companies, yet another airport terminal advantage can be given.


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3 Quick Methods To Generate Together With Rewards Cards

Cards are usually a lot more popular nowadays and quite a few folks have many cards, or even, much more when compared with 2 them to connect with as well as carry around using them always regarding settlement and optimum benefits along with special discounts in buys which are completed at various retailers.

Making airline mls

The most effective methods to earn with rewards credit cards may be the mls which they supply if you’re any frequent flyer involving airline carriers which most of the instances, you would get many point per mile that you simply travel on. These kinds of offers are created for appealing to customers to be able to soar their own airline carriers if you have the option for this.

There are additional ways you’ll be able to make mls, which is make use of their co-branded cards which presents bonuses for within additional to every kilometer that you fly upon their airline carriers. However, note that such co-branded plastic cards have high interest rates for the reason that homemade cards are usually financed by the airways for further bonuses.

Advantages using gas acquisitions

Many of the credit cards that provide exclusive privileges for you to rewards upon fuel obtain with unique retailers at petrol channels. And also there’s also others that allow you to select which in turn gasoline retailers you need to have returns in petrol together with along with deciding on the right petrol merchant may increase your comes back as well as rewards on the greeting card.

Annual charges and also claims

Yet another advantage to test is always that some particular homemade cards gives you bonus miles. Also, many of these greeting cards have no charge pertaining to annual costs and those which do cost with regard to annual fees choose all over $29 a year. Another important indicate take note is to test while are you able to claim the particular reward. A number of credit card issuers need a particular reduce before the points may be said and also the declare night out to the prize varies through the period with the months.

One thing to take note will be the termination day of the incentive items. That is to ensure that to consider in case you are accumulating pertaining to incentive factors, we have a night out where you have to complete acquiring the factors before these people terminate and become invalid.

Practically almost any pay back unit card is a useful one, since so if you can spend some money along with be rewarded about the various brings home, their charge card would be well worth getting. Likewise, this kind of returns are usually one thing further that this credit card banks mainly offer but most customers do not claim. Finding a unit card that is ideal for an individual is very important as you’ll be one which reaps the many positive aspects within time as well as take your time searching for incentive credit cards to enable you to gain rewards each time spent about it.


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