July 25, 2014

Are you covered for driving your car at work – business motor insurance

Do you drive you own car for business purposes? If the answer is yes, then check that you have the right insurance cover for it. The usual type of motor insurance policy covers you for any social and pleasure use or carting children about on their various activities, and for taking you to work and back home again. However, should you use your car for other reasons, such as business, then, you need a different type of insurance policy for it.

For business use of your car, it is essential that you have business motor insurance. This type of insurance is more expensive than for social use, as you are on the road at busier times of the day, drive a higher mileage and the chances of your having to make a claim are far higher as well.

Should you not have the proper type of insurance for your car, you will invalidate your policy and stand having the insurers refusal to pay in the event of an accident occurring.

There are various questions for you to answer when applying for business motor insurance, such as your age, the make and model of the car that you have and about your no-claims history. They will also want to know the nature of your business, how much time you spend driving, and an estimate of how many miles you cover in a week or in a month. A business motor policy is for the car driven by you or by several drivers, whereas a social policy covers only you or if your wife drives the car as well, she is then put on to the policy.

A policy for travelling sales representatives, or anyone involved permanently with driving for business, need to have a separate policy especially tailored for commercial travel. It is very important to take out the right type of insurance for your car to ensure no problems occurring when needing insurance help.

All the usual motor insurance factors apply such as fitting your car with approved security devices like an alarm or immobiliser, enables you to qualify for paying a lower premium, along with keeping your car in a locked garage overnight.

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