After Accident Tips for Inexperienced Drivers

Do you have a teen that has recently received their driver’s license and is suddenly empowered with mounds of freedom? This can be an exciting time for the teen and a stressful time for the parents. Has he taken advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupon and selected tickets for a top concerts from the great deals available on StubHub? Driving to a concert venue, regardless of the distance, presents a unique set of challenges to the inexperienced driver. Arriving at a huge coliseum and negotiating a large parking lot can pose a bit of a test for a new driver. The real feat presents itself at the conclusion of the concert when literally thousands of concert goers head to the parking all seeking to depart at the same time. No doubt many of these revelers will have been drinking and the congestion can quickly escalate to chaos, confusion and the potential for fender benders.

The key to responding to an accident, no matter how major or minor lies with advanced preparation. Take the time to outline and review the steps to take after an accident with your teen before an accident happens. Stress the importance of storing the insurance card and vehicle registration in the same place in the glove compartment such that it can be quickly retrieved. No doubt there would be sufficient security and police on hand to manage a large crowd departing a concert venue. Either your teen or the other driver would need to contact the police. Provided no personal injuries occurred as a result of the accident, the first step is to move the cars out of the path of traffic and into a safe area where the details of the accident and driver information can be exchanged. Instruct your teen to take a picture of the other driver’s license, registration and insurance card as well as make this same information available to the driver of the other vehicle.

Understanding the steps to take in advance of an accident can serve to calm nerves and lower adrenaline levels. Keep your wits and focusing is difficult for a novice driver. Hence, the value of reviewing these steps to take following an accident cannot be over emphasized. Best of luck to you and your new driver!